Cercis offers a complete design service, from concept to development and documentation. We start with a design consultation, where we meet with the client, view the garden and discuss the clients wants and needs, whilst offering our advice. With all the information we gain from this first meeting we can start the concept stage of the design process. During the concept stage we will design a couple of basic layouts for the garden along with some mood boards that give a sense of the look and style of the garden. This is then shown to the client for further feed back until we get a design that the client is happy with.

Once the client is happy with the basic concept we can then move onto design development stage, where we start to get into the details of the garden. During this stage we will build a 3D model of the garden, through the aid of illustrations and animations we can show the client exactly what the garden will look like. Once they are happy we can finalise the design and start on the design documentation. This is the drawing up of all design illustrations, planting plans, lighting plans, and irrigation plans. We then compile it into a design package which is then given to the client. The finished design package contains everything needed to understand and implement the design. This can then be given to any contractor to quote. please note a design package does to include construction drawings. Construction drawings if needed, would be supplied by the building contractor.We usually do our own construction for our designs however if we are not doing the construction we do offer a construction consultation service. We would ensure that the contractors are building the garden according to the design.