Our maintenance contracts run for 10 months of the year. We break in January and February when the gardens are dormant. We finish just before Christmas and this is when we usually mulch the gardens with organic matter if you require us to, to give the plants the benefit of a good feed ready for the spring. We recommence a full maintenance programme at the beginning of March when the gardens spring into life.

We work as a minimum team of two occasionally a team of three and we usually agree set hours in a garden dependent on how often we are to visit and the work that is required in the garden.

 We can arrange weekly, fortnightly, monthly and seasonal visits according to your wishes. We make comments each visit so everyone is fully informed and any jobs that we cannot do on a visit due to lack of time, we would carry them out on the following visit.

We charge a small amount for the removal of green waste and we charge for any extras for example any parking fees incurred. Any materials that are used e.g bulbs and plants etc.. would carry an additional cost but we would always check with you before using any materials.

We invoice our clients monthly and we are registered for VAT and this will be added to the final invoice.